International perspective

Our in-depth coverage of international news is objectively reported and analysed through the lens of global markets, for a global audience. By integrating FT content into your curriculum, your students gain a fuller perspective of the trends and issues that shape business.

  • Brand – our reputation opens doors to the world’s most influential decision-makers, bringing you inside knowledge and expertise on what’s really happening
  • World news – FT content covers global business, finance and politics, supporting a wide range of disciplines from accounting and international relations to economics and management
  • Comment & analysis – our award-winning columnists provide meaningful insight and analysis to put the news into context and help students fully appreciate the implications of new developments
  • In-Depth – we publish over 200 special reports each year on key topics, countries and industries in the news. These time-saving reports give you world-class research in an easily-absorbed format
  • Audience – the FT’s worldwide audience of senior decision-makers and education practitioners offers readers an opportunity to share ideas and understand different views from around the globe

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