Financial Times in the Classroom

Bring your subject to life with real-life examples and clear coverage of current events. The FT’s international perspective provides a great way to make your teaching relevant and up-to-date.

Why FT?

  • International perspective. Fielding more than 600 correspondents on five continents, the FT adds value and depth to international news, helping students to improve their understanding of today’s interconnected world
  • Subjects. FT content spans global business, finance and politics, supporting a wide range of disciplines from accounting and international relations to economics and management
  • As one of the world’s leading business information websites, offers a full multi-media experience to help engage your students, plus a suite of learning tools for the business education community
  • FT Mobile. An subscription also lets you access FT news via your mobile phone or tablet
  • Career progression. Reading the FT helps prepare students for business, providing the insight needed to understand and navigate different business cultures and excel in job interviews