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The Financial Times offers a range of support services to help you access FT content quickly and easily. Academic customers are supported by a team to implement your service, answer questions, provide technical help and deliver training.

  • Access Manager. Access Manager uses IP authentication for easy implementation of within academic institutions, offering a simple way to administer and manage your subscription
  • Training. The FT offers free training sessions for customers. Our specialists provide expert advice on the FT features and technologies that are most relevant to your needs
  • Support. The support team can assist with access or log-in problems, discuss tracking options, guide you through creating searches and setting up new users on, and much more
  • FT links & banner ads. Add a description of, search boxes and banner ads to your intranet to help promote your subscription
  • Keep your colleagues well-informed of the subscription, promote your subscriptions internally with emails & posters.

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