Going global: Asia's business school

Learn how business schools in Asia are overcoming challenges to make their mark on the global business education stage.

McGill University

Learn how FT provides McGill University students with a global perspective and better preparation for the future.

Singapore Management University (SMU) Case Study

Learn how SMU uses FT to enhance their unique learning environment, nurturing entrepreneurial skills and fostering a high degree of internationalisation.

The Real World MBA

This report explores the changing business education market and the factors that are shaping MBA learning. It features the candid views from global business school deans and insights from FT Business Education research.

University of St.Gallen Case Study

Learn how University of St.Gallen uses the Financial Times and social media platforms to engage MBA students with global current events and macro-economic issues in an online setting.

Cass Business School Case Study

Find out how Cass Business School uses the Financial Times to link business theory to real world events, giving students an edge with an international learning experience.

FT Education Brochure

Learn more about the FT's education programme. This brochure provides an overview of the FT's global news service and how universities can benefit from digital access to our journalism in the classroom.