A news resource to engage your students

Incorporate FT news into your classroom with the help of our faculty-tested learning tools on FT.com. Use digital technology to engage your students using the teaching methods below.

  • Enhance Classroom Discussion. Students are encouraged to connect current events with basic course principles and to share their ideas in class discussion. This can be a usual feature of the lesson lasting 5-10 minutes
  • Assignments. Use real-world examples from the FT in assignments including: article based reviews (1-3 weekly); company, industry or topic tracking over a period of 1-3 months; and article critiques, studying whether course themes do or don’t apply to world examples
  • Projects. Students follow a topic or theme throughout the term and produce a written report at the end of the time period. Subject to monitor may include company, industry, political or economic developments in a specific country or market

Browse our digital learning tools to find out how to easily relate real-world events to course work.

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