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“I refer to the FT in class every day; it allows me to link a theoretical discussion to something that is happening right before our eyes in the Financial Times. It persuades the students of the relevance of the course material and lectures, while simultaneously reinforcing how “real world” the course is.”

Dr. Roe Goddard, Thunderbird School of Global Management

“The FT education service is a great way to disseminate the FT’s excellent business news and insight to all our students. In particular, MBA Newslines is a quick way for me to steer students towards useful articles, show why they’re important and get students thinking.”

Professor Simon Evenett, Academic Director, University of St. Gallen

“I’ve found the FT education service very useful, using this annotation tool, I could highlight the articles and M&A stories for my students that reinforced points that I had made or would make in class. This allowed me to demonstrate that the material we were covering was timely and that the issues were relevant to companies right now.”

Professor Scott Moeller, Cass Business School

“The Financial Times gives my students a global perspective that no other journal can.”

Prof. Victor Abraham, California State University

“ is highly recommended for all students who wish to supplement their studies with up-to-date, topical and informed coverage of the world.”

London Business School

“No textbook, however good, can keep up with the way business is changing. The FT is a critical resource and an invaluable starting point for class discussions.”

Saïd Business School

“The Financial Times provides the most responsible coverage of world news today. For international politics it is the best choice for succinct, intelligent analysis.”

University of Portland

“The FT is a superior source for keeping students aware of both domestic and international trends. The FT is a great resource to help internationalize the curriculum”

Washington and Lee University

“When I want to bring management theory to life, I point my students towards the FT. It immerses them in the real world of management today and helps them make sense of it all.”

Professor of Management Studies, Oxford Saïd Business School